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Simec Security Simec Security Provide installation and maintenance for Access Control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, Door Entry and offer complete seamless system integration. Simec Security have over 50 years experience in the electronic protection of commercial key assets including- personnel, property and data. We offer first class national installation, service and maintenance support for your organisation.

Simec Security work closely with the UK's leading entrance control manufacturers to provide a. Simec Security offer a wide range of products to suit you budget and security requirements. Simec Security Can Also Takeover, Maintain Or Carry Out Repairs On Your Existing Systems, With A Extremely Wide Product Knowledge Our Highly Trained Engineers are Competent On Most Available Products.

Facial Recognition has Also been implemented on various high security Areas Of Clients Sites. Simec Security Provide Security Solutions For Large Scale Residential Locations, We incorporate Aesthetic Design And High Security Applications.

Access Control Systems Can Be A Integral Part Of Any Building Security, Choosing The Right Platform can Be The First Step To Finding A Solution That Fits Your Business. Simec Security offer a comprehensive range of RFID products to suit your specific requirements. Simec Security Offer a wide range of networked based systems specifically designed for

As this says, RFID is a word used to describe all technologies that use radio waves to identify something. RFID has been around for a while now and its applications are becoming more and more popular. It has become the access leader taking over from barcodes and magstripes. Its contactless, therefore it doesn't need to be positioned precisely relative

Simec Security install commercial and office focused acess control systems to cover a wide range of applications from simple small offices consisting of a few key restricted doors. To more complex systems incorparting visitor management, turnstiles, lift control and multi tenant buildings. Simec Security also offer bespoke access control installs with

Simec Security install wireless access control solutions for commercial applications including hotels, university's, offices and warehouses. Wireless access systems have onne major advantage over wired systems, the installation. As its name implies these systems can be installed without the need to run cables over great distances or around the building

IP camera systems are now fairly widespread, simec security have been installing ip based products for over five years and have built up a vast knowledge. The most obvious advantage with IP technology is the picture quality, cameras are now available in ever increasing resolution options and with the emergence of 4k cameras the IP platform is now firmly

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