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Kingfisher Fire & Security have been designing and installing fire alarms, CCTV systems and intruder alarm systems for UK businesses for almost 25 years. Kingfisher Fire & Security is based in Farnham, covering the counties of Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, London & nationwide. We are a Gent Approved Systems Integrator.

Every year, British insurance companies receive around 2 billion in claims for fire damage to commercial properties, and a further 47 million for loss of business as a direct result of fires*. Of the 75% of UK companies who reported a crime last year, only a handful of them will recover sufficiently to recoup all of the losses incurred. Kingfisher Fire

Our fire and security systems start where they will finish: with you. From design through to delivery, we involve our clients every step of the way - so you have full control over the direction that the development of your system is taking. That is, until it comes to installation: our experienced engineers work so swiftly and efficiently, you'll hardly

Kingfisher Fire & Security have been designing and installing fire detection, CCTV systems and security solutions for UK businesses for over sixteen years. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, every workplace is required to have adequate fire safety precautions (including fire alarm & detection systems) in place. Kingfisher can supply

Fire Detection Control Panels generally fall into 2 different categories, Analogue Addressable and Conventional. These two panels operate in totally different ways with the Analogue Addressable Panel being far more programmable, functional and informative, giving precise details at the panel of where a device has activated. However, a Conventional Panel

Novec 1230 Fluid is the next generation in fire suppression technology and is the first halon replacement to offer a viable, long-term, sustainable technology for special hazards fire suppression. It has excellent environmental credentials with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), a global warming potential (GWP) of just one, and an atmospheric lifetime

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