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Sterling Biometrics offer high quality fingerprint products which have been comprehensively tested and supported by the latest technology. Our products offer robust and durable security solutions for commercial and residential property. Biometric technology products are now widely used by organisations and individuals alike. Our range of security products will help your business meet the ever-increasing need for tighter security.

These products offer more security and give you much tighter control over security than conventional methods which are often open to abuse. Similarly our fingerprint products are user friendly meaning employees are much more likely to implement security procedures. All our products are manufactured under strict quality control and the most advanced fingerprint or card recognition technology in the world.

Our products have won International Certificate for Innovations year on year. Our products offer the latest in optical sensor technology, with digital processing using high quality CIMOS chips, and the finest algorithm processing technology.

read more › Replace your old mechanical lock with our electronic lock; keep your mortise and carpentry, save your door. The Shepherd series of fingerprint locks can be used in Homes, Offices, Stores, Labs, Banks and Hotels. You just need to put your finger on the scanning window; fingerprint recognition system will automatically scan, match and verify the fingerprint data. If matching is successful, the electronic controlled lock will be unlocked. All our locks are stand-alone devices with their own internal power source.

read more › The fingerprint access control door lock is composed of terminal controller, control unit and lockset. It works on both stand-alone and network operation. It has a storage capacity of up to 1000 users, 2000 fingerprints. For network operation, the lock can be hooked up to PC via RS-485 cable, TCP/IP, etc, to check the unlocking records. In addition, you also can download and transfer the fingerprint image on host PC. This model is ideal for banks, warehouses, apartment blocks, schools and companies.

read more › Our range of security products will help your organisation meet the ever-increasing need for tighter security. These products will give you much tighter control over security than conventional methods which are often open to abuse. In order to ensure the security of individual property and important information, ID verification is required in special places such as banks, clubs, immigration and border control. The traditional method of using magnetic cards or code is no longer secure as we expected.

read more › Security Alarm Systems helps to protect your business that you have invested time, money and hard work into. Would it make sense to have tens of thousands or even millions worth of inventory but no way to protect it from theft or vandalism? Or to risk the invaluable customer data that modern criminals crave? Burglar alarm systems can prevent the havoc and disruption caused by theft and break-ins. With a monitored burglar alarm system installed, your business benefits are two-fold - you prevent people from breaking in and stealing or damaging your merchandise, equipment and information, and you also maintain your ability to keep your business running.

read more › Our fingerprint safe is equipped with the most advanced fingerprint recognition technology in the world. It is a new type multi-functional safe, which merges the new technologies, optical, electrical, mechanical and algorithmic into a robust and efficient system. The fingerprint recognition technology is based on fingerprint, which could not be counterfeited, and has many characters, such as individuality, permanency in one's life and carried on one's person. When you use the fingerprint recognition safe, your fingerprint will be the only key owned by yourself.

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