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For over forty years Kirby Home Security has built a solid reputation for keeping buildings secure, protecting property and people. Four decades on, we are still an independent business that operates with good old fashioned values with a strong emphasis on personal service with coverage throughout the UK with locations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow.

We embrace new technology, whether wireless burglar alarms or traditional wired intruder alarms, Kirby Home Security lead the way in quality standards and service delivery. This means we are able to connect and secure your home like never before. Using Home Security cloud technology we can enable personal monitoring, remote CCTV connectivity and energy management integration to name just a few.

We work closely with all the leading equipment manufacturers and only use the best quality components in our security systems. A home security system can be used and adapted in many different ways to provide protection for vulnerable or elderly relatives, to protect your home from burglary, fire and flood and to keep a watchful eye on valuables and pets.

Four decades of service keeping homes and families secure Talk to our experienced advisors about your home security. Detect, Protect, Connect - These three words categorise everything we do. They are our 'stripes' that have been earned over four decades serving the people of Yorkshire and throughout the UK, and we wear them with pride. Whatever your

Check and set the system remotely; no more worrying about whether you remembered to set the system, just sit back and enjoy the show. Be the first to know when there is an activation directly to you phone; no more worrying about whether your neighbours are around to respond. Is it an intruder or a teenage child who as forgotten to deactivate the alarm

While we all worry about the risk of someone breaking into our home, there is as great a risk from fire. Whether it is caused by faulty electrical products, chip pans overheating, or a cigarette, fire can kill. We have a range of devices that can be wirelessly connected to your alarm system so that fires are detected at the earliest opportunity. This

Smart home automation solutions make the electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly. By integrating everything from lighting, music, video, climate control and security (even smartphones and tablets) Kirby Home Security can create personalised experiences that enhance your life and work with added comfort

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