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Remsdaq Our SCADA systems are used by utility operators to monitor and control their assets. We work with leading District Network Operators (DNOs) in the UK and overseas supplying SCADA RTUs and monitoring software. Our Integrated Security division supplies a range of products from readers and access control panels to management software and perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) and includes CPNI approved products.

Our mobilising division is responsible for Command and Despatch (CAD) systems including control room software and fire station equipment for which we provide 24/7 hotline support and response. Remsdaq provides a range of support services including technical support, training schools, installation, commissioning and maintenance engineers both in the UK and overseas.

We are a customer-focused organisation specialising in the design and manufacture of advanced technology solutions which we supply across the world. Our principle business areas include: SCADA remote terminal units for the electricity industry, Integrated Security (access control systems and perimeter intrusion detection systems) and Mobilising Command and Despatch systems.

read more › A customer-focused organisation Remsdaq specialises in the design of world-class solutions to serve three principal markets on a global scale: SCADA, Integrated Security and Mobilising. In the UK, the Company offers a full turnkey service and internationally, we operate through an approved network of Value Added Resellers that allow Remsdaq's products to be supported and promoted locally. Our client base includes prestigious organisations from industry, finance, commerce, military, government, electric utilities, prisons and airport sectors.

read more › Remsdaq designs and builds innovative solutions for SCADA, Integrated Security and Mobilising applications and provides a comprehensive range of support services. Remsdaq is at the forefront of the energy revolution occurring in the UK and international markets. Our SCADA systems business unit provides Remote Terminal Units (SCADA RTUs) and software systems to allow electricity utilities to monitor and control their substation and distribution assets. Our Integrated Security business unit supplies access control solutions (door entry systems) and Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) including hardware, software and accessories.

read more › Flexible user configuration facilities are essential for successful applications of Callistonx systems. CaSEnx (Callisto Software Editor) is the PC resident software package offering on-line or off-line configuration facilities for application specific Callistonx hardware and software functionality. CaSEnx readily handles single or multiple processor arrays and auto-generates the individual configured Callistonx files from the overall system configuration description file thus ensuring flexible download and subsequent upload operations across any network.

read more › Despite incorporation of embedded automation applications defined in the various IEC 61850 logical node groups, Remsdaq recognises the requirement to offer users the ability to construct application specific programmable logic. Every Callistonx unit is delivered with runtime PILoTnx (Programmable Integrated Logic Tool). An IEC 61131-3 compliant, PC based editor package provides for creation and editing of programs using any of the 5 programming modes, including ladder (LD) and function block diagram (FBD), as defined by the IEC standard.

read more › A versatile and compact industrialised touch-screen HMI with microphone, speaker and card reader as standard. Touchnx is a full colour graphics HMI interface that provides local configurable applications for a Callistonx system. Touchnx provides a compact high resolution configurable touch-screen operator interface for viewing graphical or tabular data and for exercising controls at The Callistonx location. Touchnx operates under Windows CE operating system and utilises the same editor package as that of the Celestenx master station system.

read more › The Remsdaq Integrated Security systems division designs and manufacturers security solutions including Access Control and Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). These systems can be deployed independently or as fully integrated solutions along with video surveillance, fire and alarm and attendance systems. Remsdaq access control solutions include controllers and readers (using BACnet communications), management software packages and a range of accessories to provide clients with a single point of supply to manage systems from 2 to several thousand doors and with 50,000 credentials.

read more › The Remsdaq range of in-house designed controllers includes panels and enclosed units that can cover from 2-door installations to projects securing up to several thousand doors. Our access controller range has been designed and manufactured to cater for the needs of systems specifiers, security installers, facilities managers and end-user clients with a range of features that make our access control panels easy and quick to install, commission, set-up and operate. Our approach to access control and security systems allows for scalability, integration and customisation to site specific requirements.

read more › EntroStar is a state of the art PoE/PoE+ access control panel that supports reader in/reader out configuration on 2 doors. The access control panel is designed to work with EntroWatch management software or any third-party BACnet compliant system. The EntroStar panel is a self-contained package that can be wall mounted or built-into a metal enclosure. Remsdaq can supply an optional power supply unit and battery for mains power failure back-up. EntroStar is our entry-level controller and is quick and easy to install.

read more › EntroPad can function as a smart 13.56MHz card reader for MIFARE, PicoPass and EntroClass Secure cards, as a Keypad and Request To Exit (RTE). EntroPad desktop readers provide straightforward registration of card credentials within EntroWatch software. EntroPad management kits provide an easy way to customise individual EntroPad readers around a building. A MIFARE Plus secure credential for use with EntroPad readers and available in either card or key fob format. IEVO Biometric readers for fingerprint authentication and use with Entro series access control.

read more › The EntroPad Request To Exit (RTE) button is a contactless solution that can help to prevent accidental damage and provide a more hygienic solution for door exit. Simply present a hand to the RTE and the device signals the EntroStar or EntroNet access door controller to open the door. Each RTE has an LED outer band and hand symbol which will be blue or green depending on whether the RTE is in either standby or active states. EntroPad can function as a smart 13.56MHz card reader for MIFARE, PicoPass and EntroClass Secure cards, as a Keypad and Request To Exit (RTE).

read more › EntroPad management kits provide an easy way to customise individual EntroPad readers around a building. The kit consists of a PC-based application (EntroPad Management Software), a USB EntroPad, USB cable and a set of 8 programming cards. The cards can be read by an EntroPad to update its functionality for readable card formats, LED colours and audible output (ON/OFF). EntroPad can function as a smart 13.56MHz card reader for MIFARE, PicoPass and EntroClass Secure cards, as a Keypad and Request To Exit (RTE).

read more › EntroPass is a MIFARE Plus SE 1K secure credential, designed for use with EntroPad readers. The credential is available in either a card or key fob format. EntroPass uses 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for authentication, data integrity, and encryption and is a highly secure MIFARE Security Level 3 credential. Each credential is unique and contains a unique 12-digit number, protected by diversified keys to further enhance, secure and protect from credential cloning. The credential is attached to the relevant EntroWatch access control personnel record via an EntroPad desktop reader.

read more › EntroWatch access control software is easy to use and configure and provides a single application through which to manage all aspects of an access control system including user administration, device connection and alarm notifications. The software includes auto-discovery and display of BACnet devices and ONVIF Profile S CCTV camera with live view and monitoring. Discovered cameras can be selected for display in sequence on the EntroWatch dashboard. The software allows for integration to applications covering biometric and wireless applications, Sabre perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), CCTV video monitoring, fire and alarm panels and smart building automation, either directly or via a Rest API or BACnet/IP interface.

read more › Sabre Fonic uses an advanced fibre optic sensor cable to detect perimeter fence vibration, flexing and compression. Sabre Cable provides a reliable, covert and highly effective early warning of potential cable theft from troughs, hangers or overhead gantries. Aquamesh is a woven fibre optic sensor net forming an alarmed sensor barrier for under water detection. Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) are usually installed in an outdoor environment at the perimeter limits or around sensitive, high-risk areas.

read more › High performance microcontroller with integral digital signal processor (DSP) and Analogue-to-digital (A to D) converter. 3 tamper protected status inputs are available which may be derived from switches or relay contacts, open collectors or CMOS / TTL level digital signals. The digital signal inputs provide the means by which external equipment may control the unit's auto-threshold values. 1 isolated RS232 / RS485 serial port for alarm transmission, remote set-up or diagnostics. The Sabre II PCB incorporates a simple user interface comprising toggle switch, push-button and 3 seven-segment displays and allows all necessary settings to be easily configured without the need for specialist test equipment.

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